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Austin tops the list again for small business!

Posted on : 28-07-2010 | By : Sumina | In : Austin

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Okay, so I am in love with my city. I know how awesome Austin is, but to get validation from an outside source just gives me an additional boost to talk to people relocating to Austin to help them see past the gleam in my eye.


Small business are definitely loved and encouraged in Austin. The whole ‘Keep Austin Weird’ motto of the city and focus on local business is very prevalent throughout the city is being recognized on a national level.

The article does a great job actually putting numbers behind the rah-rah-rah. Although I’ve been telling clients and those relocating to Austin that we’ve been pretty well protected here in Central Texas with the recent economic situation, reading that as nationwide employment dropped between 2004-2009, Austin’s employment increased by 16%, helps put some facts behind where I sense the market is.

A great shout-out to Austin Dirty Dog which got a mention in the Kiplinger’s article. It’s one of my favorite local business where I take my mutts to get cleaned up and make them all shiny and clean again.