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Top 5 local business’ – Holiday Edition!

Posted on : 20-11-2010 | By : Sumina | In : Austin


If you are a subscriber to my blog, or know me at all, you know I love local. Local produce, local business, local people, local crafts, local, local, local. And it’s not just Austin, but I love the uniqueness that local vendors bring to a community.

The holiday’s pose an interesting dilemma; do you go to one place (mall, big-box store) to get all your shopping done, or head to the local vendors? What are the local shops that are sure to have cool, unique gifts? Well, I thought putting together an informal non-big-box list of places that I like would help out my new-to-town, or big-box-dependent readers.

Of course, being Ms. Organization, I always try to push the clutter-free gift ideas, and focus more on experience related gifts rather than more ‘stuff’. But that’s for another post.

Enjoy, and if I’ve missed your favorite local shop, feel free to add it to the comments!


  • Emeralds is definitely one of my favorite boutique shops in Central Austin. It’s not ridiculously overpriced for being a boutique, and their sales are AWESOME. Perfect for the stylish fashionista on your gift list.
  • Blue Genie Art Bazaar is also a great venue to see tons of local vendors displaying their wares. The Bazaar runs for a few weeks and there is typically no entry fee and drinks are available for purchase. What more could you ask for?
  • Austin Gift Company – a great place when you have to send some Austin ‘stuff’ to people who came here for ACL, SXSW (fill in your favorite music festival here) and miss Austin. They have some cool non-cheesy tourist stuff and your basic Austin tees’.
  • imageAustin Homebrew Supply – Although I am not a beer drinker (yet), I have many friend who are and love this place. If you have a boss that loves beer, a gift from this place is sure to win you some brownie points.
  • Cherrywood Art Fair – this Fair only runs for two days (Dec 11, 12 this year) and is not to be missed. Free entry, totally local stuff, and of course it’s in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Austin… Cherrywood!

So there you go. Now you got my top 5 places for the holidays. So be cool and buy local!

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