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How to stop receiving the big yellow book

Posted on : 23-12-2010 | By : Sumina | In : Austin, Productivity


Drop the weight!

For most of use who are on the internet 24/7, when we come home one day and find that stack of yellow and white pages left on our doorstep, are left wonder who really uses these anymore (Other than maybe a door stop)? And maybe you think to yourself, ‘I wish I could just not get these anymore’. Well you can unsubscribe!

Here’s how to do it in Austin:

  • You can call this number to opt out of the ATT book: 1-866-329-7118. Some people have reported that it only took 5 minutes, while someone else said it took them 15 minutes. 
  • Call 1-800-929-3556 to opt out of the Yellow Book.
  • You can now recycle the books in the big blue single-stream recycling bins as well

Another handy resource is Earth911.com which can provide info on where to recycle lots of things. Yay!

Go forth, recycle, and be good to the earth. :)

Why work doesn’t work

Posted on : 23-11-2010 | By : Sumina | In : Productivity


This is  TED talk from from Jason Fried about why one of the least productive places to get actual work done… is well, at work. Huh.

So what does this have to do with real estate? Well, really it has to do with productivity (and, for those that know me, I am a HUGE productivity junkie!). And of course in order to service my clients well, keep business flowing in a positive direction, and not go totally crazy, it’s good to know what kind of environment I am the most productive in.

So go listen to the talk, (it’s all of  15 minutes) and think about where you are most productive and what conditions you have to be in/around to actually get work done.

Many of my clients and friends work in a corporate environment, and it’s interesting to hear them talk about their days. It seems like most corporate environments are heavy with the M&M’s distractions (if you don’t know what the M&M’s are, you haven’t listened to the talk yet!).

Being self-employed, with no timelines, no real bosses and no one to really answer to, the concept of where and how I, and other self-employed folks, get real work done is an interesting question.

I especially like the concept that work is like sleep; you have to go through stages to get the optimal level of sleep, and if you’re interrupted 18 times a night, well, suffice to say, you’re probably not getting optimal sleep.  The idea that when we work, we go through stages before we are working at our optimal level is intriguing. Although I’d like to see actual studies based around this idea, I’ll buy into the theory for now. Plus, it gives me allowance to act like the unfriendly curmudgeon that I like to be. :)

Where do you work best? Do you actually get work done at work?  Do you think having a manager or boss is a benefit?